YPC @ Spark:York

York Pizza Company at Spark:York

Spark:yorkWe’re soon going to be opening our first fixed premises at the new Spark:York shipping container mall development! This is a new development made up of approx 10-15 shipping containers which are split up into various sizes and then fitted out to become whatever business people desire!

After a year long process we’ve been allocated a kiosk there to serve our epic wood fired pizza from. Yeah!

Pizza By The Slice

As well as serving whole pizza we’re going to serve pizza by the slice…. to do this we need to be busy so we’re going to keep prices reasonable so that we can keep cranking out the pizza at a decent rate.

Pass It Forward

Pass it forwardThis is where a customer can buy a slice of pizza for someone less fortunate. This is intended for people who are genuinely in a bad financial situation. It’s not for folk who’ve blown all of their wage in the first week going out partying and fancy a free meal. It’s for people who are genuinely struggling financially and therefore struggling to eat.

Normally a slice of pizza will cost £2. If you buy a slice to Pass It Forward, we’ll subsidise that slice and sell you it for £1.50 thus doing our bit.

We hope you like the idea. There’s a pizza place in Philadelphia ( http://www.upworthy.com/a-customer-walked-into-his-pizza-shop-and-changed-philadelphia-with-1-and-a-post-it-note )8 where this scheme has been very successful and we’d like to do the same here in the beautiful city of York.