Sourdough Pizza Dough

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This is fairly advanced so maybe not one for beginners although it’s quite doable if you watch a few YouTube videos and get on a few forums so you know what you’re doing.

Dried yeast and fresh or cake yeast are manufactured commercial yeasts. They’re all made from the same strain of yeast so give a fairly generic flavour. Sourdough on the other hand is made up of many different types of bacteria, thus the dough takes on a different, stronger and more complex flavour. Sourdough pizza dough isn’t for everyone though. Some find the flavour too strong. I’ve only just started out in the world of sourdough so this recipe will likely get updated as I experiment and learn. It makes a fantastic looking crust though!


  • 750g (100%) 00 Caputo Pizzeria Flour
  • 450g (60%) bottled water
  • 15g (2%) sea salt
  • 11.25g (1.5%) sourdough starter (100% hydration)


Mix it all together. Leave to stand for 20 minutes for the flour to hydrate. Kneed until smooth and elastic. Form into dough balls, pop in a container with a lid and leave to prove at room temp for approx 2 days. This dough takes a bit of experience though as depending upon room temps and how active your sourdough starter was the rate at which the dough rises can vary massively.