Sourdough Pizza Dough

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This is fairly advanced so maybe not one for beginners although it’s quite doable if you watch a few YouTube videos and get on a few forums so you know what you’re doing. Dried yeast and fresh or cake yeast are manufactured commercial yeasts. They’re all made from the same strain of yeast so give a […]

Quick Easy Pizza Dough

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This is just a standard dough recipe using dried yeast. From start to finish in around 2 hours. I find these quantities work best in a KitchenAid mixer. Any more and it’s too much for it to handle. You can make by hand also though. Regardless of which dough recipe you use, one of the […]

Gluten Free Wood Fired Pizza

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My step daughter has Coeliac disease and therefore cannot tolerate gluten. It’s been difficult with my love of pizza, that’s for sure! We have found gluten free alternatives, which she has loved but non of them could handle the 500°C heat of a wood fired oven. Finally I have found a flour and a recipe […]

Herby Spatchcock Chicken

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This is one of the children’s favourites. You take a chicken, cut out the backbone and give it a whack with the palm of your hand to flatten it out. You can cook a full chicken this way in about 30 minutes. Fast food! Ingredients 3-4 large cloves of garlic 1 small red onion 10-15 sprigs […]

The Dirty Doner

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My guilty pleasure. Check out my home made doner meat pizza with thinly sliced onions, pizza sauce, habañero Tabasco sauce, mozzarella and a drizzle of garlic oil. Doner meat is always frowned upon and I’m sure there are some sketchy ingredients in some you may find at 3:00am on a Saturday night in the city […]